Outdoor Workout Space

Looking for an outdoor workout space? Campus Recreation members (SSU students only) can come to participate in the Outdoor Workout space, which will be located in front of the Recreation Center in Seawolf Plaza. Equipment will include cycling bikes, rowing machines, dumbbells (not to exceed 20 lbs), medicine balls, bosu balls, stability balls, and other small equipment.  

The tentative start date is March 1, 2021, following Sonoma County and Sonoma State University guidelines. The proposed dates and times for the Outdoor Workout Space will be Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please continue to check back for the confirmed start date and dates and times. 

How to Make a Reservation:

Each Sunday, reservations will open for the following week including Monday-Sunday.

  1. Find Campus Recreation on Engage@SSU in the search 
  2. Review and read the Outdoor Workout Space agreement and sign the waiver
  3. Reserve a workout time through Engage@SSU and request accommodations (if applicable)

Before Arrival:

  1. Grab your personal water bottle, face-covering, mat, and a towel from home
  2. Complete the SSU Daily Wellness Screening before each visit to the Outdoor Workout Space  

At Arrival:

  1. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your start time. Reservations will be voided after 15 minutes of no show
  2. Find designated queueing areas with six-foot distance markers indicating where you should stand to maintain physical distance while waiting in line (please note face coverings are required when inline)
  3. Present your Seawolf ID with waiver sticker. If you do not have a Seawolf ID, please visit Seawolf Services to obtain a Seawolf ID. Note, students will need to bring a picture ID to Seawolf Services in order to obtain a Seawolf ID.  
  4. Campus Recreation staff will confirm that you have completed all steps for access
  5. Based on availability, you can request a preferred outdoor workout space, and Campus Recreation staff will assign spaces


If a reservation is not available, walk-ins may check for availability and will be asked to stay in the waiting area until 15 minutes into a vacant reservation. Walk-in access may be permitted when max capacity has not been reached. 

Member Policies

  • Participants (SSU students only) will be required to bring their own water bottles and may bring a mat from home

  • Outside equipment is not allowed and water will not be provided

  • Restrooms are provided on the first floor of Campus Recreation 

  • Follow all Sonoma County, CDC, and campus regulations

  • Workout in reserved space ONLY

  • Participants must wipe off the equipment after usage

  • Sharing of equipment is not allowed

  • A staff participant will regularly check in with employees to ensure participants and other employees are following this protocol 

  • All employees can share such information without fear of reprisal or retaliation. Participants are required to bring personal water bottles, face-covering, and towels from home

  • There will be no physical contact between participant to participant, or staff to a participant unless required for participant safety

  • Utilizing appropriate PPE, staff will additionally disinfect after each workout time slot