Low Ropes Course

Low ropes course

The Low Ropes Course at Sonoma State University is designed to facilitate group and individual growth through a series of initiatives and elements. The course can meet the needs of each individual group. The activities on the course promote key skills like communication, problem-solving, team building, and trust.

The Low Ropes Course goal is to bring teams and groups closer together and prepare them to succeed both on the ropes course and back in the classroom and/or work environments. Our programming and operations are guided by the following core values: fun and positivity, safety, personal challenge and growth, education, sustainability, community, and ethical conduct.

Contact the Crew

Every group is unique, every program is unique

To sign up for a Low Ropes Course Program please fill out this reservation form. Once a group of staff is assembled for your group, we will then send a confirmation email and a lead facilitator will contact you to begin communicating the details of your group. Your group will only be confirmed when and if we have staff for the time you provided.


Sonoma State’s Low Ropes Course main objective is to serve SSU students; the program receives a grant to provide this service for free to those qualified groups. We offer at-cost pricing for SSU professional groups and at the market rate for public groups. Our pricing is per instructor, per hour.

Group Programs

Group Type

Examples of Group Type



SSU Student Group

Student-run clubs and organizations, greek life, group of friends, etc.



SSU Professional Group

Class, department, program, etc. (Any time that a member of the group is being paid to be there)



Public Group

Any group that has no affiliation to SSU.




If you are unsure of which category you fall under, please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

What is an “SSU student affiliated group? Any SSU class, club, sports team, staff group, and/or fraternity or sorority life organization is considered an SSU affiliated group. If you are an SSU student you can easily get 5 other people (that are SSU students) and sign up for a group. All you need is 6 or more people affiliated with SSU.