Facility Reservations and Rentals

Facility Spaces Available for Reservation

Please see a list of commonly used spaces below:

Mt. Everest Gym

Denaili Gym

850 maximum guests

Mt. Denali Multi-Activity Court

Mount Everest Gym

370 maximum guests

Niagra Studio


200 maximum guests

Silver Strand Studio

Silver Strand

120 maximum guests

First Floor Lobby

first floor of the lobby in the rec center

170 maximum guests

Climbing Wall

students and staff at climbing wall

25 maximum guests

Reservation Request Forms

To reserve a space in Campus Recreation you will need to visit our Conference and Events services website, where you will be able to find the reservation forms. 

Once Conference and Event Services has confirmed your space, the Reservations and Scheduling Coordinator will assist and or direct you to obtain the correct services for your specific event.

Type of Groups 

  • Campus Recreation Programs 
    • In Motion
    • Intramural Sports
    • Outdoor Pursuits & Wilderness Welcome
    • Super Kids Camp
    • Climbing Wall
    • Personal Training 
  • Student Groups 
    • Student Clubs and Organizations
    • Sports Clubs
    • Fraternities and Sororities 
  • Departmental Groups
    • SSU Departments                     
  • Off-campus Groups
    • Any off-campus or non-SSU affiliated organization
Recreation Center Rental Fees (per hour)
Location Tier 1= Registered Clubs/Organizations Tier 2= SSU Departments Tier 3= External to SSU
First-floor Lobby $0 $15 $35
Second-floor Lounge      
Lotus Wellness Classroom $0 $20 $45
Silver Strand Studio  $0 $30 $65
Niagara Studio $0 $30 $65
Mt. Denali Multi-Activity Court (per court) $0 $40 $85
Mount Everest Gym $0 $40 $85
Climbing Wall $0 $30 $50
Exclusive Use of All Courts $50 $80 $160
Exclusive Use of Recreation Center (After hours; summer only) N/A $300 $500
Restricted Times (Staffing and fees may be applied to any of the above)       
Participant to Staff Ratio Cost      
Climbing Wall Event (3:1 ratio) $15 $20 $40
Climbing Wall Instructional (3:1 ratio) $20 $30 $60
Low Ropes Course (8:1 ratio - cost is per person) $0 $15 $20
Staffing Fees (per hour; per staff)      
Event Staff (Operations staff) some activities may require tarping $15    
Program Staff (Lifeguard, Sports Official, etc.) $20    
Program Instructor (Fitness Instructor, Aquatics Instructor, etc.) $30    
Equipment and Resources       
Floor Tarps for Non-Sports Related Activities $15