Facility Use Manual

1. Facility Access

1.1 Eligible Users


Any student currently enrolled at Sonoma State University with a valid Seawolf ID card is allowed to use the facility. Students will receive a complimentary membership with tuition during the fall and spring semesters.

Faculty/ Staff:

Any current employee of Sonoma State University can use the facility by purchasing a membership.

Extended Education Students:

Any student currently enrolled in the Extended Education program at Sonoma State University.

Lifelong Learning Education Members:

Any current member of the lifelong learning program can use the facility by purchasing a membership.

1.2 Age Restrictions

All enrolled SSU students are eligible for membership regardless of age.

SSU sponsored programs or events involving minor participants will be considered with prior approval from the Director of Campus Recreation or their designee. No other use of Recreation Center and/or pool involving minor participants will be permitted.

1.3 Attendants/Aides

If a registered member or guest requires assistance from an attendant while inside the facility, the attendant is permitted to accompany the member or guest into the Recreation Center and assist the member without incurring a fee. While inside the facility, the attendant is not permitted to participate in any personal physical activity. All required documentation including applicable registration and a signed waiver must be on file for the attendant with Campus Recreation. This policy does not apply to any person providing a specific service that is not medically necessary. In the absence of a medically-based need, attendants must receive prior approval from the Director of Campus Recreation or their designee to gain access to the facility without incurring a usage fee.

1.4 Medical Insurance

Members and guests participate in all activities and programs at their own risk and are highly encouraged to consult a physician and obtain adequate health/accident insurance prior to participating in any physical activity.

1.5 Refunds

All program, service, pro shop, and membership sales are final. Refunds requested as the result of unforeseen circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Campus Recreation or their designee. All refunds are subject to prorating as well as processing fees.

1.6 Refusal Right

Campus Recreation has the right to refuse membership or access to any individual who is not in good standing with SSU for any reason or in non-compliance with CSU or Campus Recreation policies.

1.7 Waiver

A current, signed waiver must be on file for all members and guests. At the time of registration, individuals under the age of (18) are required to submit a Rec Center waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

2. Types of Memberships

2.1 Recreation Center:

This allows members to use the Recreation Center facilities during operational hours. Please note summer 2021 membership is for students, faculty and staff, and alumni. 

3. Fees

While many Campus Recreation programs and services are included in Campus Recreation membership or guest rates, some programs require an additional fee to offset expenses unique to the program. Some program categories encompass various programs and services that have distinct eligibility requirements and in-turn may or may not require a fee for participation (defined as "Varied" in the table below). For all Campus Recreation programs and services, management is authorized to establish fee structures that will support service and revenue goals upon the recommendation of the Director of Campus Recreation.

3.1 Program Categories

Program Categories
Program Description Eligibility Fees
Equipment Check-Out

Individual items and accessories are available for day-use only. Must be returned prior to scheduled closing time on the same day issued.

Campus Recreation Members and Guests No*
InMotion Classes

Activities facilitated in a drop-in class format available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Campus Recreation Members and Guests No
Open Recreation Drop-in activity not facilitated but may be directly or indirectly supervised by a Campus Recreation employee. Campus Recreation Members and Guests No
Equipment Rental Single or grouped equipment issued/assigned for the duration of time beyond the date of issue. Program Specific  Varied*
Intramural Sports Individual or team, competition-oriented activities taking place between registered participants within a league or tournament structure. Campus Recreation Members Yes
Non-Credit Instruction Includes an instructional element and limited availability and/or progressive teaching methods and subject matter. Extended courses are not available for drop-in and may have strict instructor-to-student ratios. Program Specific Varied
Outdoor Pursuits Trips Requires travel to an off-site location which may or may not necessitate overnight accommodations. Open Varied
Super Kids Camp Primarily during non-peak seasons focused on youth and family. Open Yes
Specialized Training Designed for one-on-one or small groups, providing services to meet the wellness needs of the individual or group. Program-Specific Yes
Pro Shop and Bike Shop Specialty items are available for purchase.  Open Yes

*Damaged or lost items may result in a replacement fee

4. Facility Scheduling

4.1 Rental and Reservation

A facility rental shall be defined as an activity or event that incurs facility use charges. A facility reservation shall be defined as an activity or event that will not incur facility use charges. Qualifying groups are eligible for rentals or reservations without membership. Event requests must comply with current SSU Campus Recreation policies. Rental or reservation groups are restricted to the areas specifically outlined in the rental or reservation agreement and may not use other areas of the facility without the authorization of SSU Campus Recreation.

4.2 Activity- Specific Space Usage

Facility space shall be used in accordance with its intended design and function. Activity-based usage will receive priority based on the facility space. Activities that may interfere with other facility usage may be restricted to non-peak days and times at the discretion of the authorized SSU Campus Recreation staff. Further, in consideration of the overall member/student population and the expectation of informal usage, all efforts will be made to ensure members have reasonable access opportunities during all publicized open hours.

4.3 Prioritization

The Recreation Center is available for rentals and reservations to all SSU departments and student clubs or organizations that are registered, approved, and in good standing with the University. The Recreation Center is also available for rental to SSU sponsored events and programs, as well as off-campus groups. SSU Campus Recreation shall schedule groups according to the priority listed below when reserving or renting space. Any deviation from these priorities requires approval from the Director of Campus Recreation.

In an effort to maintain reasonable member access opportunities during all publicized open hours, each SSU student club or organization shall be granted reservation space up to (12) hours per week and no more than (3) consecutive hours in a 24 hour period. Additional hours weekly or daily may be considered with approval from the Director of Campus Recreation.

Below is the priority of scheduling:

  1. Campus Recreation program and events
  2. Events or programs sponsored by student clubs/organizations
  3. Events or programs sponsored by SSU departments
  4. Campus-wide events
  5. Off-campus groups

4.4 Facility Use Charges

Facility rental fees do not apply to Campus Recreation events, programs, and services. SSU student clubs/organizations may reserve facilities without incurring facility rental fees except when one or more of the following apply to the facility reservation request:

  1. Real or anticipated participation that is greater than 10% non-SSU students (Tier 2 Rental Fees apply)
  2. An event where students are not directly involved in staging the event, including marketing and production (Tier 2 Rental Fees apply)
  3. An event or activity scheduled outside of standard operating hours (Tier 2 Rental Fees apply)
  4. Events or activities where a fee will be imposed on participants by the group (Tier 2 Rental Fees apply)
  5. An event or activity which involves providing/serving food or beverages (other fees apply)
  6. An event or activity requiring staffing or additional equipment (other fees apply)
  7. Exclusive use of eligible facilities as noted in the Facility Rental Fees (Tier 2 Rental Fes and other fees apply)

Tier 1= Registered Clubs/Organizations

Tier 2= SSU Departments

Tier 3= External to SSU

Recreation Center Rental Fees (per hour)
Location Tier 1= Registered Clubs/Organizations Tier 2= SSU Departments Tier 3= External to SSU
First-floor Lobby $0 $15 $35
Second-floor Lounge      
Lotus Wellness Classroom $0 $20 $45
Silver Strand Studio  $0 $30 $65
Niagara Studio $0 $30 $65
Mt. Denali Multi-Activity Court (per court) $0 $40 $85
Mount Everest Gym $0 $40 $85
Climbing Wall $0 $30 $50
Exclusive Use of All Courts $50 $80 $160
Exclusive Use of Recreation Center (After hours; summer only) N/A $300 $500
Restricted Times (Staffing and fees may be applied to any of the above)       
Participant to Staff Ratio Cost      
Climbing Wall Event (3:1 ratio) $15 $20 $40
Climbing Wall Instructional (3:1 ratio) $20 $30 $60
Low Ropes Course (8:1 ratio - cost is per person) $0 $15 $20
Staffing Fees (per hour; per staff)      
Event Staff (Operations staff) some activities may require tarping $15    
Program Staff (Lifeguard, Sports Official, etc.) $20    
Program Instructor (Fitness Instructor, Aquatics Instructor, etc.) $30    
Equipment and Resources       
Floor Tarps for Non-Sports Related Activities $15    

 4.5 Facility Request Restrictions

Re-occurring reservations may only be made by SSU student clubs/organizations and shall be limited in length to a single academic term for each request. Off-campus group requests will only be considered for summer months, academic breaks, and holiday low usage times. SSU Campus Recreation reserves the right to restrict scheduling privileges should users fail to comply with facility use or related policy or with approval from the Director of Campus Recreation. Facility reservations or rentals involving minors will only be considered if the event is SSU sponsored. Reservation and rental requests involving minors will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to additional policies and fees.

4.6 Decorations

All decorations and related equipment must be approved by SSU Campus Recreation prior to the event. The group shall be liable for damage caused by unauthorized decorations or postings.

4.7 Room/Space Capacities

The State Fire Marshall has determined room capacities for all rooms in the SSU Campus Recreation:

  • Everest Gym 493 persons
  • Denali Gym 111 persons
  • Niagara Studio 71 persons
  • Silver Strand Studio 40 persons
  • Lotus Wellness Classroom 20 persons
  • Fitness Center 118 persons
  • Climbing Wall 25 persons
  • Spa Room 8 persons

4.8 Damages

Damages to equipment and furnishings shall be charged to the group at 125% of the current cost of repair or replacement. Groups not paying for damages may be subject to loss of scheduling privileges.

4.9 Additional Equipment

All equipment required for the event must be documented and approved through the facility reservation or rental process. Any on-campus departments or off-campus vendors providing equipment for the purpose of the group’s rental or reservation must be approved in writing by Campus Recreation.

4.10 Payment

Facility rentals shall be considered tentative prior to approval and subject to cancellation until charges are paid in full. Prior event charges for the Campus Recreation must be paid in full before any subsequent facility usage by the same group will be approved. Additional charges may be incurred as determined by Campus Recreation.

4.11 Cancellations

Cancellations received less than ten (10) business days, but more than three (3) business days in advance of scheduled rental shall be subject to 50% of the rental charge for each scheduled space. Cancellations received less than three (3) business days in advance of the scheduled reservation shall be subject to 100% of the rental charge for all scheduled areas. Cancellations must be received in writing. Groups not paying a rental fee may be subject to loss of scheduling privileges if cancellation is not received in writing 24 hours in advance.

In accordance with University policy, once a request has been officially approved, failing to abide by the policies set specifically for the event could result in the immediate termination of the lease.

5. Facility/Area Policies

5.1 General Building Policies


Serving and/or the consumption of alcohol in the Recreation Center is prohibited.


Unless otherwise specified in a facility-specific policy or posted, appropriate athletic attire is required for all active participants in all indoor activity spaces. Appropriate athletic attire is defined as the following:

  • Shoes, shirts, and pants must be worn in all interior areas of the building with the exception of the locker rooms, spa, and all-gender restrooms.
  • Shirts must cover the majority of the skin on the chest, abdomen, and back.
  • Shoes must be clean, athletic style with closed-toe, closed-heel, and non-marking soles. Cleats are not permitted.

Duty to Report

Immediately report any onsite injuries or equipment issues to the SSU Campus Recreation staff.


The unauthorized use of equipment such as stereos, radios, amplifiers, and musical instruments that interferes with the operation of the facility and programs or negatively impacts the overall guest experience is prohibited.


Equipment must be used for the manufactured intended purpose only. Improper or negligent use of equipment is prohibited.

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are allowed in the following areas:

  • First-floor areas including the lobby, lounge, games room

  • Second-floor area where there are designated tables

Only beverages in a sealable non-breakable container are permitted.

Gum is NOT allowed in the facility.

5.2 Courts

  • Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Individuals are prohibited from:
    • Hanging on the rim or net
    • Disassembling or moving equipment that has been set-up by Campus Recreation Staff
    • Using tape or other marking materials on walls, doors, or floor surfaces unless approved by an authorized Campus Recreation staff member 
  • Spitting anywhere on the court except in designated trash receptacles
  • Wearing shoes with soles that mark the floor
  • Placing bags and/or personal items on the floor or walkways

5.3 Climbing Wall

  • All climbers must participate in a climbing wall orientation and belay class prior to utilizing the open climbing hours.
  • All belayers must pass a belay assessment and display an authorized belay indicator while in the climbing wall area.
  • Lead climbers and lead belayers must pass a lead assessment and display an authorized lead indicator while in the climbing wall area.
  • Only trained and authorized Campus Recreation staff are permitted to teach or instruct technical skills.
  • Persons, not climbing must remain outside the climbing wall suite or in a designated seating area.
  • Closed-toed shoes must be worn while climbing and belaying.
  • Socks must be worn with rental shoes.
  • Climbers may bring their own gear but must have it inspected by an authorized Campus Recreation staff prior to use in the climbing wall suite.
  • No bouldering (ropeless climbing) above the "do not boulder past this point" signs (which are at 12'), which means hands can not exceed past the signs.
  • Individuals may not boulder above or below any other climbers.

5.4 Studios

  • Studio equipment is for use during scheduled classes and must remain in the fitness studios. All equipment that is outside storage space is open for use in the studio only.
  • Individuals are prohibited from:
    • Using tape or other marking materials on walls, doors, or floor surfaces unless approved by Campus Recreation staff.
    • Touching or leaning on mirrors.
    • Spitting anywhere except in designated trash receptacles.
    • Full contact training (including, but not limited to, wrestling, grappling, and any form of martial arts) outside of supervised instructional clinics and authorized sports club practice.
    • Consuming any food, gum, and/or beverages in the studio with the exception of clear, drinking water in a non-breakable container.
    • Wearing shoes with soles that will mark the floor.
    • Monopolization of a studio during open recreation usage, as determined by Campus Recreation staff. Groups of four or more must secure an advanced reservation.
  • Only trained and authorized Campus Recreation staff are permitted to teach or instruct technical skills.

5.5 Fitness Center/Cardio Area

  • Clothing composed of details or materials that could damage equipment is prohibited.
  • Amplified music is prohibited. Earbuds or headphones must be used with personal listening devices.
  • Only trained and authorized Campus Recreation staff are permitted to provide personal training and exercise instruction.
  • Participants must re-rack weights immediately after use.
  • Participants must wipe down equipment immediately after use with the provided sanitation wipes.
  • Equipment must remain in its general designated areas. Exercise equipment may not be used in common areas such as the hallway or lobby.
  • Individuals are prohibited from:
    • Using chalk and other grip enhancing products.
    • Touching or leaning against the mirrors.
    • Throwing medicine balls against the ground or wall.
    • Dropping weights and/or equipment on the floor.
    • Using hand weights or dumbbells on cardiovascular equipment.
    • Wearing shoes with excess foliage or dirt on the exercise equipment.
  • The use of cardio equipment is limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting.

5.6 Game Room

  • Game-related equipment is available for checkout through the front desk of the Recreation Center.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited except closed, plastic containers of water. No glass or cans will be allowed in the game room.
  • Personal belongings should be left in day lockers or placed in cubbies.
  • Sitting or leaning on the tables is prohibited.
  • Gambling is not allowed.
  • Broken equipment must be reported to the Campus Recreation front desk.

5.7 Spa

  • Shower before entering the spa.
  • No diving.
  • No roughhousing.
  • No food or drink is permitted in or around the spa.
  • Proper swim attire is required.

5.8 Track

  • The direction of travel for the track is posted.
  • Inside lanes are designated for running/jogging; outside lanes are designated for walking.
  • Individuals are prohibited from:
    • Running barefoot or with spiked shoes, proper running shoes are required.
    • Standing on track
    • Spitting anywhere except in designated trash receptacles
    • Stretching on the track

5.9 Locker Rooms and Lockers

  • Swimsuit dryers are to be used for their intended purpose only.
  • Consumption of food is prohibited in the locker rooms
  • Campus Recreation reserves the right to open any Recreation locker for any reason.

5.10 All-Gender Restrooms

The two all-gender restrooms are single-occupancy facilities located on the second floor. This is for single use only (unless with an attendant/aide).

5.11 Loss of Access Privileges

Damage to property, misuse of equipment or facilities, and verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Any individual who refuses to comply with facility policies, guidelines, or staff requests or allows unauthorized users access to the Recreation Center may be asked to leave the facility and/or have their privileges suspended or revoked.

5.12 Marketing and Posting

Display areas for digital and print marketing materials within or on the exterior of the Recreation Center is restricted to SSU departments. As space permits, marketing for SSU departments and organizations will be considered with approval by the Director of Campus Recreation.

5.13 Open Flame

Open flames are only permitted in conjunction with catering food-warming devices.

5.14 Personal Belongings

Personal belongings shall not be left unattended in hallways or lobbies. Bags and backpacks are permitted in cubbie spaces in activity areas. SSU Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

5.15 Personal Image Release

At various times, marketing will be taking digital images, photographs, and/or videos of patrons for educational, promotional, and informational purposes for use in department-related printed material, website, and social media. No identifying information will accompany the likeness or images used without permission of the individual(s).

5.16 Photography/Videography

Using electronic or other means to make a video or photographic record of any person in a location where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy without the person’s prior knowledge and/or when such a recording is likely to cause injury, distress, or damage to reputation is prohibited. The use of any device to capture, store, transmit and/or distribute photos and/or video is strictly prohibited in all restrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities. 

5.17 Proof of Identification

SSU Campus Recreation staff reserves the right to request photo identification in the form of an SSU Seawolf ID card or a government-issued photo identification card.

5.18 University Policies

The SSU Campus Recreation is subject to all applicable CSU and SSU policies in addition to those specifically addressed in this document.

5.19 Use of Facility for Personal Gain

No individual may use the SSU Campus Recreation for personal or monetary gain.

5.20 Weapons and Firearms

State, CSU and SSU policies prohibit the possession of a weapon on campus. Participants in certain activities may be granted permission to utilize appropriate weapons as part of a sport or recreational activity with prior approval from the University Police Department and the Director of Campus Recreation. The use and/or possession of fireworks or explosive devices of any type are not permitted in the Recreation Center.

5.21 Other Policies

SSU Campus Recreation reserves the right to implement any interim policies needed to protect the health and safety of the facility and its users.