The adventure program seeks to enrich the student experience on and off-campus. Our programs focus on building community, empowering independence, inspiring individuals, and promoting self-care. Students who are connected and engaged with outdoor programs are more resilient in the face of adversity, achieve higher success in academic endeavors, have a greater sense of connection to campus, and report a higher feeling of well being and happiness.

Adventure program offers many opportunities to engage on campus. Make new friends at our climbing wall and release the stresses of the day and clear your mind. Join one of our Outdoor Pursuits trips to escape for the weekend, explore the natural wonders around us, and learn new skills. Take on our Low Ropes challenge course and work on your communication, teamwork, and trust skills. Stop by the Outdoor Resource Center and Seawolf Cyclery to tune your bike up, pick up some camping equipment, or get advice on the best place to explore this weekend!