Aquatics Hours

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Summer 2024


Dive into the ten-lane pool for a nice workout that is unique and accessible.

Come enjoy the ten lane pool for lap or recreation swim located near the Wolves' Den. Aquatics offers a great alternative route to lifting weights or going for a walk and has major benefits. Swimming will allow you to get a great cardio workout, soak up some Vitamin D, and strengthen your muscles while having low impact on your joints. Locker rooms are available for use near the aquatics pool.

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Who can participate in Campus Rec Swim?

Access to the pool is free for students who are eligible for membership through student fees or faculty/staff/alumni/sponsored guests that have paid for a pool membership. For admittance, swimmers are required to present their Seawolf ID card with a current Campus Recreation sticker to the lifeguard on duty. Memberships can only be purchased at the front desk of the Campus Recreation.

How big is the pool?

Our pool has 10 25-yards lanes, and the depth is 4 feet to 13 feet.

What is available at the pool?

Kickboards, pull buoys, and flippers are available for you to check out. We have analog pace clocks that will help you keep track of your swim sets, as well as men and women's locker rooms, which are available for your use to change and shower before/after entering the pool. Two certified lifeguards are stationed at the pool site.

Does the pool close when it's raining?

The following extreme situation and/or weather conditions can result in the pool being closed without notice:

  • Thunder and/or lightning

  • Water chemical imbalance

  • Poor water circulation

  • Excessive rain

In cases of extreme weather, the lifeguards on duty will ask all participants to exit the water. If the conditions do not decrease or cease within 20 minutes, for the safety of the participants, the lifeguards are required to close the pool.

In the event of forecasted rain, Campus Recreation will close the pool as soon as possible and notify the front desk. To contact the front desk call (707) 664-4386. To join the list please contact

Are towel services and/or locker rentals available at the pool?

These services are not available through Campus Rec Swim, but the Kinesiology Department's Central Issue Room offers a towel service for an affordable fee of $10 per semester and free semester locker rentals. Please pay the fee at the Seawolf Service office, located in Salazar, and bring your receipt to the Central Issue Room, located next to the main entrance to the pool.

The Campus Recreation Front Desk offers towel service. For more information, see the locker room website

Do you offer swim lessons or instruction?

Campus Recreation does not currently do offer swim lessons or instructions. However, the Kinesiology Department offers swimming classes during the academic year.

Policies and Procedures


The Sonoma State University aquatics pool, during Campus Recreation swim hours, is for the use of Sonoma State University students and registered Campus Recreation members. Participants are asked to show a current Seawolf ID card or a current Campus Recreation membership card to be eligible to participate in Campus Recreation swim.


Participates are required to sign in at the aquatics pool for each use. At the time of sign-in, participants are asked to show a current Seawolf ID Card or a current Campus Recreation membership card to be eligible to participate in Campus Recreation swim. This request is made to keep an accurate count of the number of participants.


Commercial swimsuits are to be worn by all participants. Cut-off jeans and other makeshift swimsuits will not be permitted.

Personal Belongings

Campus Recreation and Sonoma State University are not responsible for personal articles left in the aquatics pool area during Campus Recreation swim. Free lockers are available through the Central Issue Room.

General Pool Policies

  1. Swimmers are not to enter the pool without a lifeguard on duty.
  2. No food or liquid will be permitted in the pool area. The only exception is water in a closed, plastic container. Glass containers of any kind are not allowed in the pool area.
  3. Please notify the lifeguard if you are a weak or beginning swimmer, prior to entering the pool.
  4. Please use the locker room showers to rinse off before getting into the pool.
  5. Pool equipment is available for check out. Please use equipment properly and return to proper place when finished.
  6. Profanity, abusive language, or flagrant behavior will not be tolerated at any time. Persistent use of such behavior will result in forfeiture of utilization privileges.
  7. When wet, exit the pool through the locker rooms. Only participants that have dried-off will be permitted to exit through the main entrance of the SSU pool.
  8. Utilizing starting blocks during Campus Recreation swim hours is not permitted.
  9. Diving boards will be made available for use at the discretion of the Campus Recreation swim  lifeguards. Failure to request the permission of the CRS lifeguards before use of the diving boards may result in loss of Campus Recreation swim privileges.
  10. During high usage times, please share your swim lane with other swimmers and observe the following guideline: slow lanes towards the shallow end of the pool, fast lanes towards the deep end.
  11. For your own safety and the safety of others, obey the lifeguards on duty.
  12. If you have any questions or concerns, please inform the lifeguards on duty.