Intramural Policies and Rules

All Policies and Rules are listed below. For further assistance, contact Campus Recreation Center.

Intramural Polices and Rules

Roster Changes

  1. You can add and drop members from your roster by coming into the Glacier Bay office and having that player sign the roster's assumption of risk and medical statement. Also, a binder with the full roster will be at every game. Any dropped player can be picked up on another team only if he/ she never played for the first team.
  2. During the regular season, you may at the last minute pick up team members to play in the scheduled game prior to the contest. A player may not be picked up if he/ she has already played for another team in that same sport. Once you pick a player, he/ she will be added permanently to the team roster in the office.
  3. Players may be added to the roster only before playoffs begin and must have played in at least one regular season game to be eligible for playoffs.
  4. Players may be added up until the stated cut off date, which will be specified during each manager's meeting and posted on the bulletin board.

Participant Attire

  1. Those who are participating in Intramural Sports must wear proper attire in order to participate in contests.
  2. Participant must wear close-toed shoes that are NOT the slip-on Vans or Uggs. Shoes must have laces in order to not fall off and place other participants at risk of danger.
  3. Proper athletic clothing must be worn in order to participate in Intramural Sports. This will be determined by the Supervisor on shift who has TOTAL authority at that game.

Intramural Sports Rules of Conduct

The following rules will apply to all Campus Recreation activities, including Intramural leagues, tournaments, or outings and apply to both participants and spectators:

  1. Only the designated team captain may communicate with an IM official when questioning a call. The team captain is responsible for helping to keep players and spectators in line.
  2. Loud swearing, abusive language, physically intimidating actions, obnoxious behavior, or any other type of general unsportsmanlike conduct will all be grounds for immediate ejection (red card) from the event. At the discretion of the Intramural supervisor or official in charge, a warning (yellow card) may be given after the first offense instead of an ejection. However, any second offense will results in automatic ejection. Any ejected player must immediately leave the premises and may not participate again until reinstated by the Intramural Sports Coordinator.
  3. Fighting will not be tolerated. Any individual who makes an attempt to fight (push, shove, chainsaw etc.) with another individual or retaliates against an aggressive act immediately before, during, or after a contest shall be immediately ejected and suspended from ALL Campus Recreation sponsored events for no less than the remainder of that season until they meet with the Intramural Coordinators. If other individuals from a team become involved in a dispute the entire team shall be subject to ejection from the league.
  4. All members of the Intramural Sports staff have the authority to enforce these regulations. This includes: referees, umpires, judges, scorekeepers, supervisors, and coordinators. Anyone who harasses, threatens or strikes an Intramural staff member, or continues to behave in an unsportsmanlike manner, may be ejected from all Campus Recreation activities for one full year (365 days).
  5. Any ejected player along with the team captain must contact the Campus Recreation coordinator before further participation in any Campus Recreation sponsored activity. The player must attend a disciplinary hearing before becoming eligible to play again. Any ejection may lead to further suspension.
  6. IM personnel reserve the right to restrict players and spectators from an event who are believed to be under the influence of drugs and or alcohol, or are otherwise unfit to play safe. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed at the playing sites (this includes any campus recreation sponsored event off-campus). Fans under the influence of alcohol are prohibited and may earn technical fouls or a forfeit for the team they're supporting.
  7. The Coordinator of Campus Recreation, in consultation with the Student Disciplinary Officer of the university, shall have the final authority to decide upon any action taken to ban an individual from further competition.
  8. Any complaints or suggestions about an Intramural staff member will be accepted by the Campus Recreation coordinator, at the Glacier Bay office. Bring these comments with a constructive and reasonable attitude.

Please note

  1. In the effort to offer a safe, fair, and enjoyable environment, please respect the rights and feelings of other participants and Campus Recreation personnel.
  2. Intramural Sports activities are provided to promote an atmosphere of recreation and fun. While there is often a very serious element of competition involved, this should never overshadow the real intent of IMS activities, which is health, friendship, and fun.
  3. Team captains are responsible for giving this information to their teams.